Yes, they do look good, but really, it’s all about technology and power to professionals – to you. 

Dragon incorporates our mechanical DNA for top professionals and in these new tools, we add-in our specialization in electronics. Dragon grinders are now smart as well as tough – truly powerful!

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Our new range of angle grinders undoubtedly looks good. But it’s not the full story behind it. 

The mechanical heart of the tools contain the pedigree of our exiting tools – engineered for long hours of testing performance, built ergonomically for ease-of-use, designed to give the maximum performance for the lowest weight.

These tools, enhance our expertise in ‘the mechanics’, such as rotors and gearing, with a specialization in electronics. This brings truly-advanced features to the Dragon range of angle grinders – soft start, constant speed, electronic anti-restart and protection of both overtorque and overheating.

The new range contains four different models, with power ratings for 1000W up to 1600W and an impressive set of standard features, enhanced by additional functionality for the higher-range models.

  • Temperature monitoring – prevents overheating, extends tool life, delivers reliability and savings
  • Overload protection – prevents excessive loading, extends tool life, delivers reliability and savings
  • Soft start – reduces tool loading, extends tool life while improving user experience
  • Ergonomic design – weight optimised, thoughtful placement of controls, ‘easy-in-the-hand’ design
  • Improved cooling system – enables efficient and longer operation, even in extreme working conditions
  • High durability carbon brushes – designed to extend tool life even further
  • Compact design –small, robust, aluminium gear housing ensures the tool can handle many more applications
  • 360° adjustment of the protective shield – enables rapid set-up and task switching, increasing productivity and output.
  • Restart protection – adds required levels of safety through electronics.
  • Constant speed – set a constant speed under load to ensure consistency and better, safer results
  • Speed control – fine adjustment of speed to the application giving greater flexibility and wider utility
  • Anti-vibration handle – intelligent design cuts out up to 80 % of vibration, enabling longer use and improved health & safety for operator.

Dragon specifications table.